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Benefits of Certification

Becoming CNA certified is one of the most positive and powerful achievements for a nursing professional. As a certified RN, you will have:

  • the only nationally recognized RN credential for nursing specialties
  • an advanced level of knowledge, expertise and commitment to show patients, colleagues and employers
  • a stronger sense of accomplishment and personal confidence in your practice
  • greater opportunities for career advancement
  • a broader network of nursing peers and more ways to showcase your knowledge, skills and experience
  • a more focused continuous learning and continuing competence plan

What makes certified nurses stand out?

CNA-certified nurses have:

  • an advanced clinical expertise, knowledge and commitment
  • specialty knowledge, authenticated by exacting national standards
  • a clear dedication to quality, evidenced-based care
  • a resolve to pursue life-long learning, patient advocacy and professional practice
  • a demonstrated commitment to continuing competence and specialized education
  • maintained recognized standards of proficiency and professionalism

When you add the official certification credential after your name, patients, employers, licensing bodies and the public will be able to recognize your experience and competence in your nursing specialty or area of nursing practice. Once you’re CNA certified, you’ll stand out as an RN who Cares to Be the Best!

If being certified has made a difference in your practice, please share your story with us.

Why top employers support CNA certification

Organizations who employ RNs with specialized knowledge, skills and experience are recognized for establishing a professional environment focused on excellent patient care. When employers encourage RNs to pursue CNA certification they are showing their commitment to a culture of learning, which supports them in becoming an employer of choice.

A few things to expect from an employer when you are CNA certified

  • additional job opportunities (certification can be a preferred qualification)
  • career advancement and greater responsibility
  • a potential salary differential and/or reimbursement of your certification exam costs
  • formal recognition in your workplace
  • university credit toward your nursing degree
  • the chance to develop certification exams and mentor the next generation of certified nurses — while earning continuous learning hours for your certification renewal