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Exam Study Groups

Exam study groups are established by various individuals and organizations and are independent of the CNA Certification Program. As such, they operate without being endorsed by or being of benefit to CNA, which simply provides study group information for RNs who are considering them.

Available study groups

Although not every study group is open to all nurses applying to write certification exams, nurses who wish to join a group are encouraged to see whether participation (full or partial) is available. Even if a group is not nearby, for example, it may be possible to share in their activities via teleconferencing. Being part of a certification exam study group can be tremendously helpful to your exam preparation and experience. Please contact each group organizer for complete details.

You can also consider starting your own study group. How? By being proactive:

Submit your study group information today! CNA posts group information as it is received.

Check out CNA’s other certification exam prep resources and study group tools:

Advertise your exam study group by creating your own poster

Use these Microsoft Word files to create your own CNA certification poster. Add your own images, advertise certification details or study group information, and more! There are two sizes available — tabloid [DOCX, 3.5 MB] and legal [DOCX, 3.5 MB].


Click here for detailed information on how to manipulate the poster.

Share with your colleagues

E-mail us a copy of your poster! We will include it in our poster gallery, and share it with your colleagues across Canada.