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Initial Certification Policies

Exam accommodations, withdrawals and refunds

Certification standing

Exam accommodations, withdrawals and refunds

Initial certification candidates
Application fees for initial certification are set on an annual basis and posted on our Fees and Financial Support page. They include a non-refundable administration fee of $105.*

Once you apply it’s important to let us know if your name or e-mail address changes. Updating is easy. Use our Update Your Information page or e-mail us at certification@cna-aiic.ca.

* The full application fee will be refunded when a candidate is deemed ineligible because of insufficient nursing practice hours.

Special accommodation for the exam
If a disability prohibits you from taking the exam under standard conditions, you may request a special accommodation as part of your online application.

Be sure to include the following when you apply:

  • a letter formally requesting and specifying the accommodation you need
  • a letter from a professional (e.g., physician, psychologist, rehabilitation counsellor, nurse) who is familiar with your disability that provides a formal diagnosis and outlines the required accommodation

After we process your application, Pearson VUE staff will contact you personally to discuss your special arrangements.

NOTE: All information will be kept strictly confidential.

Withdrawing from the exam
If you just want to change an exam date you’ve booked, contact Pearson Vue before withdrawing. They may be able to accommodate your change of date request.

To withdraw definitively from the exam, complete our online exam withdrawal form via your NurseONE.ca portal. The certification program will acknowledge your request, provide information on how you can reapply and send you a refund, minus the $105 administration fee.

Important: Don’t forget to cancel your Pearson VUE test centre appointment for a refund on the exam fee. This must be done 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.

Missing an exam: Unreported absence
If you miss your scheduled exam, you must inform CNA within the two weeks after the advertised exam period to obtain a refund. Any subsequent application to write the certification exam will require you to submit a full application and pay the full fees.

Please be advised that if you miss a scheduled exam appointment at a Pearson VUE test centre you are not eligible for a refund on the exam fee.

For unsuccessful exam results
If your exam results were unsuccessful, apply to rewrite. CNA certification exam periods will be available twice a year starting in 2017.

Certification candidates whose exam results were unsuccessful are eligible for a reduced rewrite fee (valid over the next two calendar years). See our Fees and Financial Support page for further information.

Exam fees are not refundable when exam results are unsuccessful.

Cheating on the exam
During the exam, the following actions will be considered cheating and will result in your application being dismissed:

  • Using any books, papers, memoranda, calculators, audio or visual players or electronic devices including electronic watches, organizers, BlackBerrys, iPods, pagers or cellphones, or other memory aid devices other than those authorized by CNA
  • Speaking or communicating with other candidates
  • Purposely exposing written papers to the view of other candidates
  • Looking at another candidate’s responses
  • Copying another candidate’s responses
  • Removing or attempting to remove exam material from the exam site
  • Engaging in any other similar, dishonest practices

Certification standing

Denial, suspension or revocation of your certification credential
Your CNA certification credential will be denied, suspended or revoked if you engage in any of the following:

  • Falsification of the CNA certification credential
  • Falsification of any information requested by the CNA Certification Program
  • Engagement in any activity that results in revocation, suspension, probation or other sanctions of the professional RN registration/licence by the nursing authority
  • Misrepresentation of your CNA certification status
  • Cheating on the CNA certification exam
  • Disclosing exam questions or responses, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means (orally, in writing, electronically, on the Internet, “brain dumping,” “discussion boards,” or otherwise such as but not limited to Facebook, Twitter or other forms of social media)
  • Engaging in any other similar, dishonest practices

If you have any questions about our policies for initial certification, contact the CNA certification team at certification@cna-aiic.ca.