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Warren Koch

CNA Board Member 2019-2021
Saskatchewan Representative


My philosophy is to work together to build the greatest healthcare system in the world. I really believe this can be done. Nurses can and will lead the way. We need to always be open to feedback, finding ways to improve. To be accountable and to hold others to account. It takes courage to have difficult conversations, but we must have those difficult conversations. We need strong, intelligent, educated, thinking nurses to be speaking up and advocating for the best possible care for our patients. A tremendous amount of work needs to be done on Truth and Reconciliation, this is where I would like to spend most energy. Mental Health requires a lot of attention, as a dually trained psych nurse I am very passionate about Mental wellness. Building teams is critical and the importance of taking the time to communicate effectively cannot be overstated. We as Nurses still have a lot of work in coming together. A significant step was taken last year, we need to keep this progress going. Warren has worked on the front lines of the La Ronge Health Centre in the Emergency and Acute Care departments since 2011. He has a BSN from the University of Saskatchewan and further ER training in ACLS, PALS, NRP, TNCC. He is the current President of the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association.